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If you’re looking to sell your Ballantyne house The Ashglen Real Estate Team can help you quickly sell your house, to the right buyer, for the highest price, making it effortless for you on your terms.


If you’re buying a home or Ballantyne area property The Ashglen Real Estate Team has the experience you need to help make the buying process easier, less time consuming, and we’re on your side to help make sure you get the best deal while we worry about all of the details.

Either way, countless local home owners and investors trust The Ashglen Real Estate Team to help them wade through the real estate buying and selling process while keeping more cash in your pocket and helping you save the time and headache of working with less experienced brokers.

Once secluded in South Charlotte, decades of growth have given this now-booming metropolis a taste of city life with suburban curb appeal.
In the mid-1990s, Johnny Harris, grandson of former North Carolina governor Cameron Morrison, had a vision for the vast hunting preserve he and his siblings had inherited. After acquiring more acreage, Johnny and his brother Cameron Harris sold their shares of the land to their brother-in-law “Smoky” Bissell, who dreamed of creating the ultimate corporate park. Thanks to Bissell’s shrewd eye for development, what was once a secluded section of South Charlotte has blossomed into a suburban metropolis—all within about two decades. In Ballantyne, beautiful modern homes and stately retail complexes have proven magnets for residents who crave big-time amenities outside the city’s constant hustle and bustle

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